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It’s all about the people.

There’s no me or us or them, it’s just we.

And things are done this way so that we can do more easily business.

SPACE800X for Business Solutions GmbH is an alumnus of the ESA Business Incubation Hessen funding programme. This form of funding is only available to start-ups with highly innovative products that are related to space travel and have a unique selling proposition or niche product idea.

SPACE800X sees itself as a supporter of European entrepreneurial cooperation and as an independent funding instrument for technically-savvy SMEs (also non-space) throughout the European Union. We follow the philosophy that "the big ones" should support "the small ones" so that the small or medium-sized businesses grow or are strengthened as well. For this reason, we give every service provider the opportunity to offer SME-friendly prices (adapted to the size of the company).

SPACE800X develops innovative B2B platforms and wants to use them to stimulate a rethink in the business world. The aim is to connect all business sectors and industries through efficient project work and technology and knowledge transfer. We support the fundamental values of the European Union, fair trade, small and medium-sized enterprises and do not pursue the goal of being or becoming a data octopus that "cannibalises" the data of our users, as the American digital corporations like to do. We see our SMARKT platform as a "we" product, because every single user contributes to making it special. SPACE800X is a German company with servers in Germany, owner and operator of SMARKT. In addition, from time to time we also like to implement smart and innovative custom B2B software solutions.

Our SMARKT software is also available in the in-house variant "Smart E2E Market" (Expert2Expert) to continuously improve internal workflows, optimise in-house synergies and reduce third-party costs.

By the way: We are always looking for further partnerships or investors. Interested?